Sunday July 27,2003 - Day 1

0335 On the road again……. We headed north on I-405 in the dark, a little ahead of schedule. Our stops were familiar, the rest area just south of Bellingham for starters. We went east on Highway 11, then north on Highway 9.

The sun was rising; saw Mt Baker in the distance, fields of blueberries and corn in the morning sunlight. The border crossing at Sumas was quick, they didn’t even require ID. Beautiful countryside in B.C, lots of cornfields, cattle ranches, small towns. The mountains seem to be all around us! We snacked on dried fruit. We took Highway 5 off Highway 1, saves some time.

Highway 5 is a toll road, $10 Canadian. We stopped in Merritt, BC again this year, for breakfast. It’s a small town in the Nicola Valley, just as we came down the mountain. We remembered eating at the Coldwater Hotel last year, and wanted to stop again. Same waitress, friendly, good food, and this year we had Canadian money. We filled up with gas and headed out at 0900.

I called Sonya. Taylor’s birthday party was yesterday and he got sick afterwards. It was a hot day, lots of excitement and he played hard (tumble bus). Sonya said he slept soundly so she woke him at 0400 to give him something to drink. He kept it down and wanted more. Yeah!!

We saw the beginnings of a forest fire, with planes flying overhead, just outside of Kamloops. Hope they get that under control.

1530 (Mountain Time) We arrived in Golden, BC. We’re getting close. Filled up with gas again and continued on. It’s still sunny, beautiful views of the Rockies, which we didn’t have last year because of the clouds. This was part of the reason we wanted to come back (plus the exchange rate). We’ve seen several waterfalls, some very looooooong ones.

1700 We arrived at the campground. There was more traffic this year so even though we left earlier, we got in later….we think?

Our campsite is D-43. We got the tent set up, and then went into town (Banff) to get a couple of food items. We ate at a Tex-Mex restaurant (not great), then came back to the campground. Scott went to get some wood, we built a fire and finished setting up camp.

Our tent was warm inside tonight, not much breeze outside.

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