July 28,2002 - Day 1

We got up at 0300, finished packing the car and we were on the road, after getting gas, by 0400. We picked up a paper, it was Sunday, and the headlines said that all the trapped miners in Quecreek, PA, had been rescued alive! We both got goose bumps.

0615 Customs/Border Crossing at Sumas. We needed our WDL only. We headed north on Highway 5, a toll road. What a beautiful drive.

0845 We stopped in Merritt, BC for breakfast at the Coldwater Hotel and Restaurant. Good food! , but we think we were gypped on the exchange rate.

1730 We arrived at Banff and went directly to the Tunnel Mountain Campground. Scott drove the entire way; I was weeny with my back thing from the accidents (ugh, that’s another story). We were worried that we might have trouble getting a campsite, since they don’t take reservations, but didn’t have any problem at all. We set up camp, used the canopy for the first time (good investment, it rained!), went to get firewood, then built a fire, had cheese and crackers, meat and wine, and sat by the fire. We went to bed around 2200 and collapsed. Long day but all worked out well.