Sunday March 28th - Day 1

We got up at 0200 (are we nuts?) and the shuttle picked us up at just after 0300. Once we got checked in at America West, we immediately looked for coffee and found a Starbucks. Our flight left on time, 0545 and arrived early into Phoenix.

We rented a Chevy Trailblazer, it really rides nice. We drove straight to our motel, a Quality Inn in Surprise on Bell Street and checked in. Nice, clean and free hot breakfast. The Kansas City baseball players (minor league) were also staying there.

We hustled over to the field, and watched the Mariners play the Diamondbacks; needless to say, there probably wasn’t an empty seat in the stadium or on the grass. It was warm and sunny, Freddie pitched and looked good in the first inning then seemed to fall apart. We lost 8-2, didn’t get to see Randy Johnson.

We went to dinner at “On the Border”; we’ve been there before, wonderful tex-mex food and margueritas. We hit the sack early, long day.

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