Franklin Wann was Born on April 19, 1867 in Fountain County, in the town of Lodi, Indiana. His parents were James Wann and Melissa Carman.

In 1870, Frank was living with his father and mother in Fulton Township, Fountain County, Indiana.

He married Ida Samuels on September 24, 1885. They had three children, Ralph, William and James (Williams and James were twins).

They were residing at 5544 Claude Avenue, Hammond, Indiana, when Ida died in June of 1934.

Frank went on to marry Clara (last name not known) in December of 1934.

He was an optometrist and had his own practice at 158 N. 5th St. in Clinton, Indiana.

Frank Wann died on August 13, 1951 at 7:15 A.M., in the county of Vermillion, in Clinton, Indiana, at Vermillion County Hospital. He was 84 years old. He died of aortic regurgitation. Other contributing conditions were prostatitites which he had for a year. His attending physician was Doctor I.D. White of Clinton.

He was buried on August 15, 1951 at Silver Island Cemetery, in Fountain County, Waterman, Indiana.

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