Charles Reese was born on October 1, 1903 in Potter County, in the town of Amarillo, Texas. His parents were William Henry Reese and Mary E. Miller.

When Charles was born, his father was 45 years old and his mother was 32 years old. He was their only child. It is said that his mother died soon after his birth and his father gave him up for adoption.

He spent some of his early years in Tuckumcary, NM where his step father operated the power plant. When he was in grade school, the Love family who were raising him moved to Vancouver, Washington.

Charlie was his nickname and that was what all his friends called him.

Charles married Ameila Koester on October 2, 1924 in Vancouver, Washington. They resided in Ridgefield, Washington at Route 2 - 604 N.W. 194th. His occupation was a steamfitter. Charles and Ameila had four children. They were Harvey, Shirley, Donald, and Charles.

They had bought a ten acre farm where they raised their family. When his step parents died, he inherited their adjoining farm also of ten acres.

During World War II, Charlie worked in the Vancouver Shipyard. This is where he learned the trade of steamfitter. He said he was a steamfitter and not a plumber, because he worked with "big pipe".

After WWII, Charlie worked on construction jobs as a steamfitter. He also worked on the nuclear project at Hanford, pulp mills in Longview and Vancouver, and many schools. At one time during WWII he was milking cows and selling the cream to the creamery in Vancouver. The left over skim milk was fed to pigs, chickens and the family pets. From the mid 1940s to the mid 1950s the milk was shipped to the Battle Ground Coop Cheese Factory.

After WWII Charlie purchased the first Farmal Cub Tractor in Clark County. This tractor was made especially for cultivating row crops, in Charlie's case strawberries. Charlie and the whole family worked in the berry fields. They had at one time about seven acres of strawberries. In later years he switched from strawberries to blackberries. He also had one of the first deep drilled wells for irrigation in the county in which he lived. He had enough irrigation pipe to irrigate his whole 20 acre farm, this meant lots of moves and packing pipe.

Charlie's favorite hobbies were fishing and woodworking. For many years he had a 16' boat which he used to fish in Lewis River and Lake River. He loved to catch a sack full of catfish in Lake River. Charlie made many sewing cabinets and other furniture but his specialty was making items on his wood turning lathe. He would cut and dry any kind of wood he could find so he could experiment on making something on his lathe.

He died on the morning (3:45 A.M.) of May 20, 1969 at the age of 65 years. He was at Vancouver Memorial Hospital when he died of congestive heart failure. His physician was Doctor Robert W. Churne. Charles Reese was buried at St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery, Ridgefield, Washington on May 22, 1969.

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