Isaac Lunger was born on November 15, 1778 in Ohio. His parents are not known.

He married Mercy Ann Parks

In 1820, Isaac was living at Whitewater Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. Living with him were 1 boy under 11 years, 3 girls under 11 years, 2 girls 11-16 years and one woman 27-45 years. Three people in the family were farming.

Between 1820-1830 Isaac moved his family to Fountain County, Indiana. At that time, living with him was Mary 30-40 years old, Margaret and Charlotte 10-15 years old, a boy (name not known) 10-15 years old, a girl 5-10 years old, and a boy 0-5 years old.

In January 7, 1834 Isaac bought land in Fountain County, Indiana - Township 18 North, Range 9 West, Section 27.

Isaac Lunger died on May 3, 1834 (1838) on a steamboat from New Orleans. He was buried in the town of Naches. The town is now washed away.