Anna Brietzmann was born on September 27, 1872 in Norenburg, in Pommern, Germany. Her parents were August Brietzmann and Louisa Johns.

She was 18 years old when she came to America.

She married Albert Kieper on January 29, 1892 in Florence, Wisconsin. Their attendants at the marriage were Matilda Schmidt, Augusta Litzke, John Friling, and August Litzke. They had nine children who were as follows: Edward, Minnie, Alama, William, Evalina, Edna, Esther, Helene, and Walter.

It is known she resided in the Baltic Location of Gaastra, Michigan in Iron County with Albert when he died in 1924.

Later she lived with her daughter Helene and son Walter at 417 E. 7th Street, Michigan City, Indiana. Anna died at the age of 65 years and is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, Indiana.

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